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Salon's Booster automatises marketing processes helping to grow your revenue.

Salon's Booster

You can find all tools included in any salon management software on market plus much more

Salon's Booster - Calendario Digitale

Digital Appointment Book 

You can manage any booking by computer, smartphone and tablet in a new easy and smart way. Even the ones received by online, phone, email or on place in your salon. You will no longer have to understand the secretary's writing. And above all forget reservations taken on post-it. Don't waste your time!

Salon's Booster - Prenotazioni Online

Online booking 

More and more customers do not like making calls or sending emails. Moreover as much as you can commit yourself you can't be available 24 hours a day at the phone. By Salon's Booster you allow your customers to book your treatments by online, increasing bookings during the less desirable time slots.

Salon's Booster - Gestione Clienti

Customer management 

Salon's Booster allows you to consult customers' preferences and previous bookings. When each customer comes in to your salon, any staff member will welcome them in a new wonderful way. Customers will feel special and your salon will get much trust.

Salon's Booster - Notifiche SMS

Message Notifications

Thanks to sms notifications, email confirmations and appointment reminders, your customers are always being updated on day and time of the appointment they have chosen. The perfect tool to improve the rate of not-show-customers.

Salon's Booster - Statistiche

Activities and Statistics 

You can check any salon's performance in real time thanks to new innovative tools based on customer behaviors. An essential service which helps you to analyse your business, identify which area needs improvement, and increasing the turnover at the same time.

Salon's Booster - Sicurezza dati

Data security

Security and reliability of your information is our priority. We use encrypted connections to storage and manage any sort of Data, offering an high level of protection to maximise comfort and security when a customer books a treatment.

Only on Salon's Booster you can find the right marketing tools that give a BOOST to your business

Marketing Automation



We will improve your customer reservations from quarterly to weekly   thanks to simple and tested strategies. Any process is automatically controlled without increasing your daily tasks. Does it seem impossible that someone takes care of these highly personalized strategies in behalf of you? When you try the new marketing automation panel you will understand how it is possible.

Salon's Booster - Aumento frequenza prenotazioni
Salon's Booster - Aumento scontrino medio


Is your daily income proportional to the value of your talent? Our tests have taught us that any salon can increase up to £20 the customer's average bill. We know how to give the right value to your services, sharing quality and skills of your team through cutting-edge technology.


Il tuo guadagno è proporzionale al valore del tuo talento? I nostri risultati insegnano che un salone può aumentare fino a +20 € la spesa media di un cliente rispetto alle sue abitudini. Sappiamo come dare il giusto valore ai tuoi servizi, dimostrando la qualità e la bravura del tuo team anche attraverso una tecnologia all’avanguardia prima al mondo. Il marketing rappresenta il primo strumento per dare visibilità alla qualità.


We increase the power and value of your online salon by attracting new customers. Do your website and Facebook page bring customers? If the answer is "they don't" it's time to swap to our strategies that have already increased number of customers in many other salons. An easy but powerful tool that offers you the right visibility 24/7, even when your physical shop is closed! Thanks to the Salon's Booster marketing automation panel you will discover how doing marketing without stress.

Salon's Booster - Aumento nuovi clienti

Smart Promotions


Salon's Booster - Promozioni intelligenti

How many times have you had your appointment book full of reservations on Fridays and Saturdays, and so many empty spaces on the other days? Despite the fact that you always make the most of yourself to receive much more reservations during the whole week. Moreover, do you have the certainty of getting the most of your collaborators, or do they often have any jobs to do?

Salon's Booster is able to analyse your agenda, received bookings and give back how you could make the most of your job, putting in place actions useful to optimize your workday.  The final result is to create a perfect balance between reservations received, and day and hours, during the whole week.

Salon's Booster is the right  salon management software for...

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Salon's Booster per Centri Estetici

Beauty centres

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Salon's Booster per Barber Shop

Barber Shop

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Massage salons

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Nail Bar